Advantages of Online Antique Auctions

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When you’re in the mood to bid on antiques, check out online antique auctions. You can search by date, location, and auctioneer. You can find rare and interesting items that aren’t available at a traditional auction. For example, you may be interested in a five-inch long Pop-Eye Birdstone from Oswego County, New York. Or, you might want to bid on a four-inch diameter rare Flint Double Cupped Discoidal, discovered in Hamilton County, Ohio.

When you’re bidding on items at an online auction, you should take time to inspect them. Many companies provide images and detailed descriptions. Study the images carefully to check for any defects, warping, or imperfections. Also, be sure to check for signs of restoration work. These will likely affect the final price of the item.

In general, auctions are run in a similar fashion to in-person auctions, with the exception that you won’t be able to physically see the pieces. You’ll have several options for bidding, including absentee bidding and multiple bidding. The most common antique auction style is an English auction, where the auctioneer starts the auction at a low price, usually less than what the final estimate will be. The auctioneer then increases the price at regular intervals. You can then bid at each subsequent price until you’ve won the item.

Another advantage to online antique auctions is that you can bid anywhere. You can bid from your desktop, laptop, or even mobile phone. Moreover, you’ll be able to view and listen to live audio and video streams of the auction, as well. Online auctions are accessible to individuals, businesses, and governments, making them an excellent solution for testing sales.

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