AirAsia Stock Price

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The AirAsia Group Berhad (AAL) is a Malaysian airline that flies all across Asia. Its stock, which is currently at 5099KL, is down 3 percent from the year’s high. However, the company has a bullish outlook for the next few years. The company has announced that it will be launching a new airline in India in Q4 next year. In addition, the company announced it will invest up to $60 million in its JV with the Tata Group. The airline is also planning to open a restaurant on its planes. The deal with Tata involves the sale of six unusable jets to AirAsia.

In February, AirAsia Group Berhad AIABF stock price dropped by 259 percent. The company’s stock currently trades at 020, and there have been many recent developments that have impacted the stock. It is currently investing in Indonesia’s largest trucking marketplace. The company also announced that it has reached five million sign-ups in its AirAsia Academy.

AirAsia X Berhad is a Malaysia-based airline that specializes in long-haul air transportation. It operates regional segments in Thailand and Indonesia, and flies to 26 destinations in Asia and Australia. In addition to its air transportation business, it also provides marketing and management services.

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