Art Auction Sites

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The first step to finding art through art auction sites is to research the artists. There are many options for researching the artworks, but a good starting point is to look up the artist’s name on Google. This will bring up similar artist names in a drop-down box. Once you’ve found the artist you’re looking for, highlight the name and click on the image to read more about it.

Next, you should consider the selling prices of similar art. Look at the selling prices of the artwork on eBay or other sites to get an idea of the value. The higher the price, the better. It’s also helpful to study images of the artwork so that bidders can get a better idea of the work’s quality.

Various art auction sites also allow you to search for specific artists, which can be helpful if you want to narrow down your search. For example, Artnet boasts that its archive of auction results is the largest on the internet. You can pay for an account and see if any specific artist or work is selling for a high price.

Invaluable was founded in 1989 and has a reputation as one of the leading online art auction sites. It has more than 3 million visitors per month and enables live bidding in online auctions. Thousands of auction houses use Invaluable to keep track of art auction prices and attract new buyers.

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