Auction Items to Avoid

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There are several auction items to avoid, such as oversized items, out-of-place items, and expensive jewelry. These items often do not pay off, or they may offend guests. Avoid these auction items, and you’ll be more successful in your next auction. Here are some ideas. Listed below are three items to avoid.

Artwork: While this item is often highly personal, it is unlikely to generate a lot of bids. Instead, try to find a well-known artist to create a piece of artwork that will appeal to a general audience. Another auction item to avoid is items with restrictions. This can make donors feel like they wasted their money, as they may not use the item within a certain time frame. Other examples of such items include expired food and special offers that are only valid for a limited time.

Limiting the number of items in an auction is also a good idea. Too many items can crowd an auction and reduce motivation among attendees. Likewise, too few items may exclude a large percentage of donors. Finding the right balance is essential if you want to make your silent auction a success. A good rule of thumb is to limit the number of auction items to half of the expected number of attendees. This way, the auction will stay competitive without crowding the auction room.

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