Auctions in Motion and the FCC Reverse Auction

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Auctions In Motion is the leading independent auto auction in Southern California. It is part of American Auto Auction Group, which is focused on growing its core business, expanding its geographic footprint, and adding value to its existing assets. The company has several locations across the country and is headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina. Its operations include the Charleston Auto Auction, located in Moncks Corner, SC, Mid-South Auto Auction in Jackson, MS, and Texas Lone Star Auto Auction, based in Carrollton, TX. The company also owns Badger State Auto Auction in Fond du Lac, WI. Other locations include Your Auction, which operates in Tampa, Ft. Myers, and Pasadena, FL, as well as a location in Ventura, CA.

The auction will be heavily analyzed during the preliminary stage, and the amount of money generated will depend on how much information the FCC releases. It will be a long process, spanning up to one month. It is expected that the FCC will increase the price in each round, so analysts will be closely following the results of each round.

While the FCC has not set a specific date, the auction is expected to start in June. The agency will not publicly disclose how many broadcasters dropped out of the reverse auction. The auction will end if no bidders met the price the FCC set. Otherwise, it will have to go back to the broadcasters, reduce the amount of spectrum it hopes to clear, and start the process over again.

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