Auctions International

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When buying items through Auctions International, buyers are responsible for removing them from the seller’s location. The buyer and seller will coordinate a time and date for pick-up. Once the purchase is complete, the seller will send the buyer a paid receipt via email. The seller will not be responsible for any storage fees the buyer may incur.

To participate in auctions at Auctions International, users must register. A $10 USD registration fee is required. After payment, the Auctions International site will verify the information you provide. If the information provided is incomplete or false, the site has the right to suspend or terminate your account. By registering, users must agree to these terms and conditions.

Auctions International makes every effort to accurately describe the items for auction, but the buyer should still make his or her own inquiry. Incorrect descriptions may lead to misinterpretation of the goods. To avoid misunderstandings, the site contains pictures of items. Therefore, it is important to check the details thoroughly before placing a bid.

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