Estate agent’s fees in auction

by admin

If you sell your home by auction in conjunction with a local estate agent, there may or may not be a fee to pay. They will either charge you a fee directly, or they may receive a share of the auctioneer’s fee.

If they do charge you a fee directly, it will usually be less than if they had arranged the sale themselves with no help of the auction.

Using an estate agent as part of your property auction process can be very helpful. They’re a local point of contact for you and can help with property photos and descriptions and local listings.

This will give your auction listing a professional look that will attract more potential bidders and higher bids. They can also assist with viewings and many other elements of the process.

A local estate agent isn’t totally necessary to assist with the process though. Auction companies use their own staff, or a variety of services, to cover these aspects.

For example, instructing professional photographers, viewing attendants etc to help with the process.

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