Financial 1 Tax Services

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Despite the name, Financial 1 Tax Services is not your grandmother’s tax preparation service. Instead, they’re more of a financial planning office. If you’re a business owner, you might be interested to know that you can choose your own services a la carte.

There are two main tax preparation services to choose from. These include KPMG and EY. The latter is the most affordable and the most efficient. KPMG is best for small to medium sized businesses. The company also offers full service online bookkeeping. They can be contacted by phone, email, or text.

The company tries to differentiate itself from its competitors by offering the most notable features. They can help you decide on a tax structure that’s right for you, prepare your tax return, and pay your tax bill. Their staff of tax professionals is well versed in all things tax. They offer an array of services from tax return preparation to accounting services. They even have an online tax filing portal for self-employed individuals.

The company also has an aptly named website for business owners to peruse. The site offers a multitude of information, including tax forms, business and individual financial planning, business and individual retirement planning, and more. You can even get an estimate on your tax return.

The most impressive of these services is the one for small to medium sized businesses. You’ll have a team of tax professionals whose experience is matched by their dedication to providing excellent service.

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