Financial Burden of Multimorbidity

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Financial burden of multimorbidity is a major issue, resulting in a high disease burden, high healthcare utilisation, and high costs. These costs include both direct and indirect medical costs. Yet, the extent to which financial burden affects patients is still not fully understood. This study explores the experience of financial burden from the perspective of patients with multimorbidity.

Financial burden of illness is a complex concept, but it negatively affects a patient’s ability to cope with a serious illness. Despite its impact on quality of life, financial burden is poorly defined and has inconsistently been operationalized in the literature. To identify and validate a reliable measure, we reviewed published literature on financial burden. We identified six databases containing studies published between 2006 and 2020 with at least one financial burden measure.

A good way to minimize your financial burden is to consolidate your debts into one account. This will help you to pay a lower interest rate on one card, and it will also improve your credit score, saving you money over time. Debt consolidation is not only beneficial for your financial situation, but it also helps you to reduce clutter.

Financial burden has become a major issue for Americans as health costs continue to rise. Between 2004 and 2006, the financial burden of health care increased by nearly 10% for people with employer-sponsored coverage.

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