Financial Feminist – How to Become a Financial Feminist

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Whether it’s running for office or pushing for better family leave policies, a financial feminist is a powerful voice to encourage change in the workplace and in the home. Financial literacy education begins in the home and includes the entire family, and can lead to higher education, homeownership, investment opportunities, and personal financial stability.

Financial feminism aims to eliminate gender differences in the workplace, particularly when it comes to finance. Women are often paid less than their male counterparts and often don’t feel confident in their own abilities to manage money. Investing in women-led businesses can help to address these issues, as women are more likely to support one another in the workplace. In addition, senior female professionals should invest in mentoring younger women to ensure that more women advance into senior leadership positions.

The Financial Feminist podcast has gained a strong following, reaching the number one spot on the Apple Business Charts in the US after 72 hours of its release. In addition to providing unbiased financial advice, the podcast also teaches women how to develop their financial confidence. This podcast is a great resource for women looking to invest.

The list of feminist issues is long, and is often driven by social and cultural events. Some of these issues include reproductive rights, body image, rape culture, and more. Taking these issues one step further, financial feminism focuses on making money a tent-pole issue for women. It covers topics such as saving, investing, and negotiating.

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