Financial Managers Can Get a Canadian Permanent Residency Visa

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Financial managers are responsible for the smooth operation of the financial departments of organizations. They formulate and implement financial policies, prepare various financial reports and ensure that the company’s financial systems are working efficiently. They may be employed in private companies or government agencies. They work primarily in office settings, but may also work remotely.

Financial managers are often employed in a variety of different positions and must possess solid management skills. They must also possess experience in public administration and finance. Their salaries can be as high as $130,000. The number of openings for this profession will grow with the stabilization of the public sector. Financial managers are in high demand throughout Canada, but there is also a growing need for experienced managers in smaller cities.

As a career, Financial managers can advance to senior management positions. They may even become a vice-president of finance. Currently, there are thousands of positions available in Canada for financial managers. As a result, if you have a solid management track record, you may be able to get a Canadian Permanent Residency Visa even without a job offer.

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