How to Keep an Auction Watch List

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You can add auctions to your Watch List by clicking on the “Add to Watch List” link at the top of the auction page. Once you have added an auction to your Watch List, you can view it in your “My Stuff” section or on the “Watch List” page. Your watch list will show you the number of auctions that you have watched, as well as your Character – Realm name and the time since you last opened the auction house.

A good auction house will include high-resolution photographs, which can help you rule out certain items quickly. A high-resolution digital photograph will show you all the details of the item, and can help you decide whether the item is worth buying. An auction house with few photos is a big red flag. When evaluating a watch’s price, remember that it is important to consider the condition of the watch.

In the past, purchasing a watch at auction was a rare event. Nowadays, you can participate in an auction, as long as you fill out the necessary forms. You can participate as a seller, a bidder, or a spectator. You can even get some great deals, as long as you are prepared to spend some time evaluating each piece.

The big auction houses have watch departments. Phillips, Sotheby’s, and Christie’s have watch departments. The big auction houses have huge offices worldwide. The watch departments in these auction houses are the best places to buy and sell watches.

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