How to List Domain Names For Auction With Godaddy

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Using the GoDaddy Auctions(r) website, you can list a domain name and receive bids from other members. If you receive a bid that you like, you can respond by making an offer. However, you are not able to cancel the offer, even if you are not the winning bidder.

In order to list a domain name for auction, you must first create an account with GoDaddy Auctions. You must agree to their terms of service, as well as their pricing structure. You can list a domain name on category pages, or you can list it as a 7-Day Auction. You can also select a starting price for the domain, and choose a reserve price.

The GoDaddy Auctions(r) website allows you to list domains with different TLDs. You can also add additional domain names to your account. You can also select a starting price, reserve price, and a buy-it-now price for the domain name.

GoDaddy Auctions(r) also offers coupon discounts for certain TLDs. You can also create an account using your Google account, Facebook account, or by creating a new username. You must agree to GoDaddy Auctions(r)’s terms of service and Universal Terms of Service Agreement. You must also confirm your identity and tax information.

You can also add a payment type, such as PayPal, to your account. When you do, you can link it to another payment type. Then, when you receive payments, you can verify your identity and tax information.

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