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IoTeX coin has been gaining traction in recent weeks, posting new highs almost every day. The surge in price is primarily the result of IoTeX’s announcement that it has completed shipping of its Pebble Tracker device. The device combines advanced GPS technology with a decentralised network and is equipped with a range of sensors. It will record information such as acceleration, air pressure, temperature, and humidity. By sharing this data, users will be rewarded with tokens.

As IOTX is a new blockchain, it is still very early to determine its price. The price of IOTX will depend on the network’s capabilities. The IoTeX price could reach $0.2 by 2022 if its current trajectory continues. In the meantime, it is unlikely that the price will reach $0.2 anytime soon.

Nevertheless, IoTeX coin news is promising, and there are several factors that can drive its price higher. Its growth strategy on Web3 and MachineFi is expected to give it a tremendous prospect by 2022. It may also be vulnerable to stiff resistance. As such, investors should be aware of the current situation before jumping into the IOTX coin market.

IOTX is a cryptocurrency based on the IOT blockchain. It launched on April 19 and has processed ten million transactions since then. The project’s co-founders include Qevan Guo, a co-founder of Hyperconnect Lab and former lead of crypto R&D at Uber. The team also includes Jing Sun, managing partner of Sparkland Capital and an angel investor at Polychain Capital.

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