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The IOTX token has been on a steady upward trend since the start of the year. November saw gains of 159%. It is expected to continue rising to reach $1 in 2027, if the current trend continues. The token’s growth is driven by new developments, such as the release of the Pebble Tracker device, an advanced GPS powered by a decentralised network. It comes with a wide variety of sensors, including those for air pressure, temperature, and acceleration. It also allows users to earn rewards for sharing data about their activities.

In February 2022, IOTX fell to $0.0717. The price recovered to $0.07 in April 2022, but it is now down 38% from its January high. Despite the bear run in April 2022, the cryptocurrency is still making higher lows and highs. The current price of IOTX is $0.0781 USD, and it has over 39 million USD in trading volume.

IOTX is now listed on more than 20 of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges. The IOTX coin was first published on the ICO on February 14, 2018. At the time of its ICO, the coin gained 14 million USD. It currently ranks 99th among the top cryptocurrencies. The IOTX token is a utility token that supports the IoTex ecosystem. It also serves as a secure entryway into the blockchain network.

IoTeX is based in California, USA. The team behind the project is comprised of several experts with a background in cryptography and decentralization. The main purpose of the IOTX cryptocurrency is to reward participation in the ecosystem and pay transaction fees. The development team consists of 60 members from different countries.

As of the time of writing, analysts believe that IOTX could reach $0.162 in 2031. However, they believe that it may retrace in 2026 to $0.899911. They believe that the coin will eventually reach $1.08 or even reach $1.02. The prediction is based on long-term trends and predictions.

There are several factors that determine the IoTeX price and value. Fundamental factors play a major role in this process. Tokenomics, which is based on a deflationary model, is one of the main factors driving the IOTX price. Token holders earn rewards for every vote they submit to the network.

IoTeX is backed by a diversified group of investors. It was founded in 2017 as an open-source project and is based in Silicon Valley. Its team includes Raullen Chai, a former head of cryptocurrency research at Uber and Qevan Guo, a former research scientist at Bosch Research North America. Furthermore, it is backed by Jing Sun, a managing partner at Sparkland Capital.

IOTX is traded on several exchanges, including Binance. Traders can purchase IOTX with their debit or credit cards. It is also possible to exchange IOTX for other cryptocurrencies. You can track the IOTX price in real-time on Binance.


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