One of the Best Books on Investing in Debt is the Book “Invest in Debt” by Jimmy Napier

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One of the best books on investing in debt is the book “Invest in Debt” by Jimmy Napier. This book is written by a famous author who specializes in debt. It explains the basics of debt investing and will help you to develop a plan to pay off your debt. In this book, Jimmy Napier explains the different strategies that you can use to save money and get out of debt.

The book has practical advice and information that even a newbie can use. It will teach you how to buy debt at a discount, how to do effective due diligence, and how to collect debts. You will also learn the secrets to making short-term high-interest loans. There are dozens of spreadsheets, forms, and diagrams to help you with your planning.

One of the best books on investing in debt is called “Invest in Debt.” Jimmy Napier’s book, “Invest in Debt”, explains how to buy notes, restructure them, and increase the yield. It is an excellent book for people who are new to investing and need a new way to earn extra money.

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