Qatar World Cup 2022

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During the FIFA World Cup, alcohol is not sold outside of licensed establishments. The strict interpretation of Islamic law restricts the sale of alcohol in public. Those who drink in public are subject to fines. Offenders could face a maximum jail term of six months. Those who drink in public while criticizing Islam are also subject to criminal prosecution. Those who swear in public, or make obscene gestures in public, can also be prosecuted.

Official World Cup partners, such as Coca-Cola and Budweiser, will provide products for fans to purchase at special zones. However, those fans outside of these areas, such as those in hotel bars or restaurants, will not be able to buy alcohol. They will have to pay for it at specially licensed sites, such as the FIFA Fan Fest.

Budweiser is the official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup. It has been the biggest sponsor of FIFA since the 1986 tournament in Mexico. It has a PS63m sponsorship deal with Fifa. It will also sell alcoholic beer at the FIFA Fan Fest in central Doha. Its beer costs $14 for a half litre. It will also be available in other locations in the Gulf state.

During the 2022 FIFA World Cup, alcohol will not be sold in stadiums. However, it will be available in fan zones, specially licensed sites, and corporate hospitality areas. It will be limited to four drinks per person. Those who drink too much will be sent to special zones where they can sober up. There will also be strict regulations on the hours that alcohol is sold.

Qatar is a conservative Muslim state that follows a form of Islam known as Wahhabism. It is also considered an obscene country by western standards. According to Qatari law, men must cover their shoulders in public. Women are required to wear long skirts. Anyone who swears in public or makes obscene gestures in public will be arrested. It is also illegal to bring alcohol into the country.

FIFA has banned alcohol sales in stadiums, but there will still be some alcohol for sale in hotels and hospitality areas. It will be available at specially licensed sites, such as the FIFA Fan Fest in central Doha. There will also be alcohol available at the Arcadia Electronic Music Festival, which will take place outside Doha. The festival will be open from 10am to 5am each day.

There will also be special World Cup gathering places throughout the country. These will allow fans to gather together. These sites will not be open to the public, and alcohol will only be served at certain times.

Fans can also drink at some of the licensed hotel bars and restaurants. However, alcohol will not be sold on the streets. In addition, visitors will not be able to bring alcohol into Qatar. Those who smuggle alcohol into the country will face a maximum jail term of three years.

The FIFA World Cup is a huge event for fans around the world. Many fans will be from Asian and Middle Eastern countries. In Qatar, however, alcohol is not widely available, and those who want to drink will have to pay extra.

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