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Stocks are affected by news in many different ways. Whether it’s a company announcement or national event, news can have a huge impact on the entire market. One small piece of news, such as an increase in job growth, can send the major indexes into a massive jump. Another piece of news, such as tariffs, may have less of an impact, but it can still have a large impact on a stock’s value.

While financial publications like The Wall Street Journal offer plenty of information for free, there are many more specialized sources available to help investors find the best stocks. The Financial Times, for example, is among the oldest financial publications in the world. Subscriptions to the Wall Street Journal run under $40 a month, and the Journal’s app is available free or on a premium basis. It features in-depth research on stocks, hedge funds, and managed funds, as well as stock alerts.

If you’re a day trader or investor, it’s essential to be updated on market trends and news. This is where stock news apps can help. These apps provide the latest news on various companies, allowing you to make an informed decision without wasting time trying to figure out which stocks to buy or sell.

Yahoo Finance has a mobile app that helps you stay up-to-date on the latest stock market news. It’s available for iPhone and provides real-time alerts and personalized news. It also features full-screen charts, which can help you evaluate stocks and make trades fast and easily.

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