Storage Auctions

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If you’re looking for online storage auctions, you’ve come to the right place. Online storage auctions are a great way for storage facilities to simplify the auction process and list inventory for online and live auctions. These services also allow storage facility owners to list units with confidence and reach a broader audience of bidders.

Storage auctions can be an excellent opportunity to purchase high-quality merchandise. While you can’t attend every auction, it is a good idea to attend as many as possible. Attending multiple auctions will increase your chances of winning a bid. When you’re at the auction, watch for clues that will help you make an informed decision on what to bid on. For example, if the items are old and damaged, they may be worth less than they seem. Also, if the items have top-quality labels, they might be more valuable. Also, antiques can be worth more than other items, so pay attention to that.

When you’re at a storage auction, you’ll have the opportunity to see the contents of the unit before bidding. A company representative will cut the lock and roll up the door so you can see what’s inside. You’ll also have the opportunity to determine the value of the contents – a mostly empty unit won’t be worth more than $10, but a storage unit full of power tools will be worth more than $100. Be sure to check the contents before placing your bid; the storage auction company will lock the doors after the auction.

Many storage auctions are free to attend. You don’t have to drive to the auction or dress up for a sale, and you can even bid from home! Some online storage auctions feature photos of the items for sale, and you can bid online 72 hours before the auction starts. You can also find some great finds this way.

Self-storage facilities sometimes hold storage auctions to clear their inventory. These events are an excellent way for self-storage facilities to earn more money. Self-service storage facilities can also make a nice profit by charging an entrance fee and collecting buyer’s premiums. The highest bidder will then sign paperwork and take possession of the items. The items at these auctions are typically general household goods, tools, clothing, jewelry, and personal items. While the majority of the items sold at these events are not valuable, twenty percent or more of them are.

Storage auctions are usually held 45-90 days after a unit has been categorized delinquent. The time before the auction begins is based on the policy of the storage facility. The facility will try to contact the renter prior to the auction to make arrangements for payment. They may also offer an alternate method of payment. In any case, these auctions allow storage companies to recoup lost profits and to clear a unit for a new renter. Furthermore, they save the environment by avoiding the disposal of items.

Storage auctions can be a great way to find hidden treasures. Most storage auctions are open and unlocked, so you can easily peer into a storage locker and check for items. If you’re lucky, you’ll even find money and jewelry inside. But remember that if you’re a bidder, you have to clean the unit before the auction starts, or else you’ll have to pay extra for the storage unit.

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