The Financial Market Association of Malaysia

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The Financial Market Association of Malaysia (FMA Malaysia) is an association of financial market participants in Malaysia. Its mission is to promote the wholesale money and foreign exchange markets. It also promotes education and training for its members. Since 1995, new members must pass qualifying examinations to gain membership in FMA Malaysia. The exam is comprised of four modules.

Those who are interested in the financial markets can apply to be members. However, employees of registered persons can also join if they meet certain requirements. For example, employees of banks and insurance companies must meet the entry requirements. AICB also offers the Investor Protection Professional Certification and the Pasaran Kewangan Malaysia Certificate.

The ASIFMA is a regional trade association composed of more than 165 member firms. These include leading financial institutions in Asia. The organization’s mission is to support the development of liquid capital markets in Asia. This is crucial for the region’s economic development. To that end, it offers various courses and programs to help financial professionals understand the complex world of the markets

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