The Pros of Modern Auctions

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our chances of selling are extremely high.
With modern auction houses usually selling 80% of their property listings, your chances of selling are high. By comparison, estate agents only sell around half the properties they take on.
You will sell quickly.
With a modern auction method, you can quickly sell your property in two to three weeks. After getting onboarded into the auction, you should expect the property to be sold three to four weeks later. The completion of a property sale takes 28 days or 58 days, depending on how the auction was structured.
Your sale is guaranteed*.
When a house is sold through an estate agency, no commitments are made, so the buyer can back out at any time. With modern auctions, a binding agreement is made. Payment of the non-refundable reservation fee is immediate following a successful bid. As a result of this, less auctions fall through, which is great because it means that more house sales go through after the original agreement has been made.

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