What is a Stock Screener?

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A stock screener is a software tool that allows investors to search large databases of equities and find stocks that fit the criteria they specify. Unlike a traditional stock picker, which only searches for publicly-traded stocks, a stock screener works for all exchanges, meaning you can screen for all US, Canadian, UK, Australian, and European stocks. It also lets you exclude specific stocks.

A stock screener will narrow the number of stocks based on your search criteria, whether it is the dividend yield, the market cap, or the company’s industry. Some stock screeners also allow you to filter by other characteristics such as timeliness and pricing. Using a stock screener allows you to focus on the most important things when investing.

Most stock screeners are quantitative, so it’s important to keep this in mind when choosing a stock. Although these metrics are critical for determining a stock’s value, there are also many qualitative factors to consider. For example, a stock screener should take into account customer satisfaction, lawsuits, labor, and business operations. Many stock screeners also take into account corporate governance, which covers a wide range of topics.

A stock screener can provide many useful data to investors, including the number of shares traded today. Moreover, it allows users to create custom screens, and even layer custom data on existing stock charts. In addition to this, a stock screener also lets you customize alerts and views to better suit your needs.

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