What Is Auction Grade R?

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Auction grade ‘R’ cars are cars that have been in a minor accident but have been repaired. These cars do not have a salvage title and are not written off. They can have had a small accident or a major accident, and the details will be listed on the auction sheet. This will help you to judge the quality of the car. Cars that are graded ‘0’ are not graded at all and are often not running.

Auction grade ‘R’ is often the only option for cars at larger auction groups. The most common damage is a number three, which is usually 10 cm wide and 50 cm long. Occasionally, a grade ‘A’ will be given for a scratch that is only a few millimetres long or the size of a baseball.

Japanese auction grade ‘R’ is the best way to find these cars. It is important to remember that the comments are usually written in Japanese, and are often very hard to understand. This is why it is recommended to get professional help to translate them. Also, make sure you check the mileage and condition of the car before bidding.

The “R” grade refers to the overall condition of a car. This grade is based on the exterior, mechanical, and interior condition of the car. While different auctions have slightly different grading methods, they usually follow a similar system. For example, a grade 3.5 car will typically have 100,000-200,000 km on it. It will generally be in poor condition and likely require some frame repairs.

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