What to Expect From a Rolex Auction

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A Rolex Auction is a great way to purchase a rare, vintage or otherwise unique Rolex. However, be warned: buying from an auction house doesn’t always mean you’ll get a great deal. You’ll be paying a lot more than you’d pay at retail for a similar watch. Plus, the watches you’ll be bidding on are often unique, rare or special examples.

Rolex timepieces make excellent investments and are highly sought-after by watch collectors. Some of the most popular models include the Daytona, GMT Master and Submariner. If you’re looking for a rare, expensive watch, you’ll want to start with a vintage model.

One of the most unique types of Rolexes is the “tropical” dial. This dial has become discolored over time, often due to exposure to the sun or a manufacturing error. While some people view this dial as a flaw, collectors tend to view it as an asset because it gives the watch an incredibly beautiful patina. In addition, collectors will pay more for a “tropical” Rolex than a similar model.

Vintage Rolex watches are an especially popular category among watch collectors. Typically, they can fetch tens of thousands of dollars. A rare and vintage Rolex can also fetch more than three hundred thousand dollars. Buying a vintage Rolex can be like acquiring an iconic memory from your grandfather.

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